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Read recently published papers using unbiased stereology updated on 08.10.2015

New page: Which tissue are you studying? Pulmonary added on 07.22.2015

New page: Which tissue are you studying?: Vasculature added on 06.19.2015

New page: Which tissue are you studying?: Placenta added on 06.03.2015

New page: Vertical Uniform Random (VUR) sections: Cycloid added on 05.22.2015

Watch the latest webinar on Staining for Stereology Q&A with Dr. Susan Tappan: Learn how to prepare your tissue accurately and efficiently.

Stereo Investigator continues to be the leading stereology system: In 2014 researchers used Stereo Investigator in 698 peer-reviewed papers – citing it nearly 3x more than all other stereology systems combined.

New page: Probe Index: Discrete Vertical Rotator added on 05.21.2015

New page: Probe Index with Labels added on 05.08.2015

New page: Probe Combinations: Estimating Width of Slabs added on 05.01.2015

New page: Probe Combinations : Estimating the Chord Length of Alveoli added on 05.01.2015

New page:  Probe Index: Combined Point-Intercept added on 04.27.2015

New page: Boundary Combined Point-Intercept added on 04.24.20

New page: Particle Sampling added on 04.10.2015

Interactive Probe Selector: Learn more about estimating your probe

New page: Simple Examples for the Selector added on 04.01.2015

New page: Vertical Spatial Grid added on 04.01.2015

New page: Revisiting the Selector added on 03.31.2015

New page: Surfactor added on 03.26.2015

New page: Optical Rotator added on 03.25.2015

New page: Planar Rotator added on 03.19.2015

New page: Surface Weighted Star Volume added on 01.28.2015

New page: Surface- Particle added on 01.25.2015

New page: Volume- Particle added on 01.25.2015


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