About Stereology.info

The Stereology Information Center is designed to help researchers in the field of biology use stereology. Topics provide information and help ranging from planning  and carrying out experiments to sampling and analyzing data. The sampling is usually done with a microscope; common examples are brightfield-, widefield fluorescence-, confocal fluorescence-, two-photon-, or electron-microscopy. If you are deciding how to, for example, estimate the number of neurons in the hippocampus, or the length of blood vessels in muscle, or the volume of a lesion, or the surface of a placental membrane, you have come to the right place. However the concepts and techniques are not limited by how or at what level you are sampling, or to the field of Biology. You can follow or browse the menu, or if you would like a quick overview of what types of data can be estimated using unbiased stereology, please go to the ‘what are you estimating?‘ page or the ‘interactive probe selector‘ page. Unbiased stereology can seem confusing when you are approaching it for the first time, this site is organized to help simplify the process of picking the best stereological procedure to make unbiased and appropriately precise estimates of what you are looking for.

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