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Recorded Webinar

In this webinar, Biosystems Specialist Jean Fecteau and Software and Hardware Support Engineer Jordan Deso host this webinar and delve into the principles of imaging fluorescent samples, as well as share best practices for utilizing our SlideScan Workflow with fluorescent samples.

In this webinar, Stereo Investigator Product Manager, Nathan Liese and Senior Biosystem Specialist, Ira Gardner-Morse walk-through Stereo Investigator, demonstrating the many features and benefits that the software provides.

In this webinar, Dr. Dan Peruzzi covers both theoretical and practical aspects regarding the use of unbiased stereology to quantify morphological parameters of tissue observed under a microscope or a slide scanner.


In this webinar, Dr. Susan Tappan will help you choose the right method to stain your tissue.


In this webinar, Dr. Susan Tappan answers questions about stereology theory, experimental design and stereo investigator software.


In this webinar you will learn: i) how to choose the correct probes for estimation of object number, length, surface area, and regional volume. ii) how to select the most suitable type of tissue sectioning. iii) how to perform systematic sampling properly.

This presentation demonstrates how to use Stereo Investigator to estimate area and volume of regions of interest from histological sections, images, and contours.


The Optical Fractionator is an unbiased stereological method that is used to accurately and efficiently estimate numbers of particles. Drs. Jose Maldonado and Dan Peruzzi will discuss the theory behind the Optical Fractionator and discuss its use.


There are many useful stereological probes in Stereo Investigator for quantifying various morphometric parameters of the lung. Dan Peruzzi, Ph.D. and Masha Stern will discuss these probes and what type of estimates they can be used for in lung tissue.


In this webinar Drs. Jose Maldonado and Susan Hendricks will demonstrate the use of Stereo Investigator with Zeiss’ LSM in a stereological study.


Drs. Mark West and Susan Tappan will discuss sources of quantification bias in biological experiments. This webinar will explore error and bias — and how proper implementation of design-based stereology can eliminate much of this bias.

In this webinar, Dr. Dan Peruzzi will teach you: • How to count cells in an unbiased manner with the Optical Fractionator probe in Stereo Investigator • Rules to follow to eliminate bias, pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for determining how much sampling to do

Drs. Dan Peruzzi and Nathan O’Connor introduce our brand-new software, Stereo Investigator – Whole Slide Edition, designed specifically to perform unbiased stereology on large, whole slide images, and demonstrate probes. They also discuss data workflows, including whole slide scanning using our scanning technologies, and slide management using Biolucida.


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