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Watch the latest webinar on Thin tissue section images with Stereo Investigator – Whole Slide Edition
Drs. Dan Peruzzi and Nathan O’Connor introduce our brand-new software, Stereo Investigator – Whole Slide Edition, designed specifically to perform unbiased stereology on large, whole slide images, and demonstrate probes. Added on 09.27.2019

Read recently published papers using unbiased stereology updated on 3.30.2020

New page: Cardiac added on 06.10.2019

New page: Review on Mühlfeld, C., J.R. Nyengaard, and T.M. Mayhew (2010) A review of state-of-the-art stereology for better quantitative 3D morphology in cardiac research. Cardiovascular Pathology, 19, pp. 65 – 82. added on 06.10.2019

New page: Spinal Cord Injury added on 02.09.2018

New page: Blood Vessel Pathology in a Model of Alzheimer Disease Revealed Using Space Balls added on 02.09.2018

Stereology discussion forum added

Watch the latest webinar on Using the Optical Fractionator Probe to Estimate Number of Cells with Dr. Dan Perruzzi
Learn how to count cells in an unbiased manner with the Optical Fractionator probe in Stereo Investigator. Added on: 04.24.2017

New page: Destructive Index added on 05.13.2016

New page: Pulmonary added on 05.13.2016

New page: Placenta added on 05.11.2016

New page: Neuroscience added on 05.10.2016

New page:Quantifying Sweat Gland Innervation added on 05.27.2016

New page: Renal added on 05.25.2016

New page: Vasculature added on 05.27.2016

New page: Vasculature – thick sections. Review of Publication: Wälchli, T., Mateos, J.M., Weinman, O., Babic, D., Regli, L., Hoerstrup, S.P., Gerhardt, H., Schwab, M.E., and J. Vogel (2015) Quantitative Assessment of Angiogenesis, Perfused Blood Vessels and Endothelial Tip Cells in the Postnatal Mouse Brain. Nature Protocols, 10, 53 – 74. Added on 05.27.2016

New page: reviewed paper: Iacono, D., Resnick, S.M., O’Brien, R., Zonderman, A.B., An, Y., Pletnikova, O, Rudo, G., Crain, B., and J.C. Troncoso (2014) Mild Cognitive Impairment and Asymptomatic Alzheimer Disease Subjects: Equivalent β-Amyloid and Tau Loads With Divergent Cognitive Outcomes. J. Neuropathol. Exp. Neurol. 73(4): 295-304. Added on 03.11.2016

New page: reviewed manuscript: Bertram, J.F. (2013) Estimating Glomerular Number: Why We Do it and How. Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology Frontiers in Research, 40(11):785-8. Added on 03.11.2016

New page: Reviewed manuscript: Nyengaard, J.R., (1999) Stereologic Methods and Their Application in Kidney Research. Journal American Society Nephrology 10, 1100 – 1123. Added on 03.11.2016

New page: Reviewed paper: Schmitz, C. and P.R. Hof (2005) Design-Based Stereology in Neuroscience. Neuroscience 130, 813-831. Added on 03.11.2016

New page: Neuroscience. Added on 11.05.2015

New page: Which tissue are you studying? Pulmonary added on 07.22.2015

New page: Which tissue are you studying?: Vasculature added on 06.19.2015

New page: Which tissue are you studying?: Placenta added on 06.03.2015

New page: Vertical Uniform Random (VUR) sections: Cycloid added on 05.22.2015

Stereo Investigator continues to be the leading stereology system: In 2014 researchers used Stereo Investigator in 698 peer-reviewed papers – citing it nearly 3x more than all other stereology systems combined added on 05.17.2015

New page: Probe Index: Discrete Vertical Rotator added on 05.21.2015

New page: Probe Index with Labels added on 05.08.2015

New page: Probe Combinations: Estimating Width of Slabs added on 05.01.2015

New page: Probe Combinations : Estimating the Chord Length of Alveoli added on 05.01.2015

New page:  Probe Index: Combined Point-Intercept added on 04.27.2015

New page: Boundary Combined Point-Intercept added on 04.24.20

New page: Particle Sampling added on 04.10.2015

Interactive Probe Selector: Learn more about estimating your probe added on 04.06.2015

New page: Simple Examples for the Selector added on 04.01.2015

New page: Vertical Spatial Grid added on 04.01.2015

New page: Revisiting the Selector added on 03.31.2015

New page: Surfactor added on 03.26.2015

New page: Optical Rotator added on 03.25.2015

New page: Planar Rotator added on 03.19.2015

New page: Surface Weighted Star Volume added on 01.28.2015

New page: Surface- Particle added on 01.25.2015

New page: Volume- Particle added on 01.25.2015


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